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Securities & business law

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Securities & Business Law Program is a 6 months program aimed at vital growth, development and spread of updated Law. The maturity of an economy is decided based on the robustness of securities market of an economy. For students interested in Law, this course will help them gain Securities Law and Business Law inputs, and conversely, those with a securities market background will better understand compliance and due diligence.

Securities & Business Law Program is a comparative study of legal and regulatory frameworks. It is designed to enable the participant to understand the critical securities and business law processes, such as legal, due diligence and compliance. For those with a background in law, Securities & Business Law will help appreciate securities law and market inputs while those with a securities market background will better understand compliance and due diligence. The program is intended for those who want to deep-dive into legal and compliance domain in securities Law.

Program Details
Why is this a competitive course ?

Over the years this course has adopted an increasingly global perspective. This Executive Course is aimed to enable the participants in acquiring basic, yet comprehensive understanding of the concepts of Security Law, with a flavour of practical perspective wherever needed by:

  • Providing a wide angle overview of corporate laws in accordance with the Companies Act, 2013 including the latest Amendments
  • Much needed clarifications on security laws, rules and regulations.
  • Enabling the development of critical and analytical abilities in the area of Business Law.
Course Eligibility

  • Graduates with minimum 50% from any recognized University.
  • Working executives in the financial markets domain facing exposure to securities laws
  • Working executives in the legal and compliance domain facing exposure to the technicalities and latest developments in the securities markets
  • Students seeking to supplement their knowledge in securities laws or the securities markets domain
  • Freshers can also apply.

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Course Structure
Duration : 6 months | Weekend Batch | 3 hours every Sunday

Course Curriculum
Level I :

It is very essential for a person to be abreast with the legal aspects relating to operation of banking sector and the developments in the banking sector in India. The purpose of offering this module is to introduce the participants with the fundamental aspects of banking laws.

The Indian legal framework has undergone a substantial change to comply with the international norms. The legal experts are emphasizing on the need for teaching Consumer Protection & Competition Law very seriously to present generation to handle issues relating to this branch of law. This module will aim to introduce the participants to the existing law and practice relating to consumer protection & Competition Law.

Corporate Restructure Law is required to expand the business or operations of the company, to focus on its core strength and Cost Reduction, by deriving the benefits of economies of scale. While these major attributes of the business are being looked after, it also involves many laws and policies which need to be learned and understood for the smooth function of the Corporate Restructuring. This module will help the participants acquire a detailed understanding about the different laws related to Corporate Restructuring.

The module considers the dynamics of corporate financing options, methods and techniques in the light of regulatory theories, applicable legal framework, shareholders’ capitalism and public policy objectives. The module provides a critical and insightful view of current global legal developments and trends with the aim of identifying the most salient legal issues involved in corporate finance and M&As in the context of increasingly complex financial phenomena and international markets.

This module focuses on Individual insolvency resolution process and introduces the concept of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India which would regulate a new genre of Insolvency Professionals through Insolvency Professional Agencies.

In this module, participants will explore internal review, control, and regulations to implement and support effective governance, including compliance issues related to decision-making and decision-support functions.

The module aims to provide the participants with awareness on the various branches of Intellectual Property Law, holistic understanding of the legalities of Intellectual Property Rights and discuss contemporary issues in Intellectual Property Laws.

Level II :

The module integrates key concepts from accounting, finance, economics, business strategy and focuses on teaching participants to learn about the policies and regulations which will help them understand and interpret Financial Statements.

The 2013 Act has introduced several new concepts and has also tried to streamline many of the requirements by introducing new definitions on Corporate Rights and Liabilities in Issuing Securities. This module covers these old and new concepts, significant aspects and definitions in brief.

In this module, participants will learn about the documentations, procedures, laws and SEBI guidelines related to the Public Offering of Securities.

This module will introduce the participants to all the legislations related to Capital Market. In this module the participant will learn about the SEBI guidelines, SCRA, SEBI Tribunal policies and other corporate ethic guidelines related to Capital Markets.

This module delivers the participant an understanding of M&A processes, the strategic priorities and approaches of the various deal player, and detailed information on the various documents & laws typical to M&A deals and the legal issues that arise in respect thereof. This module will give the participant thorough understanding of the wide variety of skills that all parties involved in cross-border acquisitions must possess - e.g. the ability to read and digest financial information, successfully communication with the relevant parties, whilst juggling a diverse range of international commercial and legal issues.

The mandatory Safety Net mechanism has been envisaged considering the post-listing price performance of IPOs in India and to reinforce investor confidence in capital markets as well to discipline issuers and market intermediaries in public issues. In this module the participant will learn and get an insight of the DIP Guidelines and Insider Regulation.

All transactions involving foreign exchange fall under preview of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) read with FDI policy. With the inbound and outbound investments rising, it is essential to understand the rules, regulations and policies that govern such capital inflows and outflows. This module will explain everything related to Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and help participants to understand and solve various issues related to FEMA compliances and investments into and from India.

The Income Tax Act contains a long list of sections, each of which deal with different aspects of taxation in the country. These ITA policies and filings are important as otherwise penal provisions are attracted. In this module participants will learn about the details of ITA related provisions, policies and penal codes.

Batch Commencing from 13th July

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