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Risk Management

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The effects of uncertainty of objects makes a company suffer. Without prior knowledge of possible risks and ways to mitigate them, companies and organisations often incur losses. These risks could be legal risks, credit risks, risks from natural calamities, attacks from adversaries and many others. In order to have a profound understanding of these risks and identify them beforehand, the business of “risk management” comes into existence.

Risk management is simply identification, assessment and mitigation of possible risk factors, and to ascertain them, highly qualified, skilled and trained individuals are needed. In order to meet the growing need for trained professionals in the field of Risk management, we have designed this online course in Risk Management.

Program Details
Why is this a competitive course ?

With your advanced skills in risk management, you perform a specialized function attuned to the needs of a project environment that is increasingly global, virtual and complex. The Risk Management course highlights your ability to identify and assess project risks, mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities. In this capacity, you enhance and protect the needs of your organization.

Course Methodology

We incorporate the process of ‘learning through experience’ and, more specifically, “learning through reflection on doing.” This online course uses a mix of interactive techniques, such as learning through live webinar sessions and activity oriented training.

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Target Audience

If you need advanced knowledge and experience in risk management, or if you are a project manager focused on project risk management, including for large projects and/or complex environments, then this program is an excellent choice for you.

Program USP

This course offers a practical guide to the world of Risk Management. Gaining distinction as a Risk Management Expert sets you apart from other professionals and brings credit to your organization. If you’re ready for greater recognition, this course will validate your expertise and help you stand out to employers, stakeholders and peers.

This program has been designed specifically for participants:

  • To understand the concept of risk
  • To know different types of risks
  • To identify different types of risks in work environment
  • To understand how to manage the identified risks

Course Structure
Duration : 9 Months | Weekend Batch | 2 Hours every Saturday


  • Credit Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Business/Strategic risk
  • Reputational Risk
  • Regulatory Risk
  • Valuation Risk

How to identify the most important risks. They might be ones you aren't aware of

Learn the best tools and techniques for managing your major risks.

Whether you're a product or service organisation, poor quality and operational failure can be damaging.

What you can do to avoid/manage these risks.

You can radically reduce the amount of slips, trips and falls; and more serious injuries as well.

Suppliers can be on the other side of the world. How can you ensure they're committed to quality and to ethical standards?

What you can do to avoid/manage these risks.

What toxic fluids are your people using? How much is going down the drain? And how can you lessen your greenhouse gas emissions?

The climate is changing. We're much more affected by floods, storms and sea level rise these days, not to mention drought in some parts of the world. How to protect your organisation from extreme weather.

One careless moment or bad housekeeping can cause fire and ruin a business.

How to keep out thieves and burglars, and protect the business safe from industrial espionage.

How to become aware of the threat, and how to measure it. Even the most innocuous organisation can be at risk, especially if it does business abroad.

Much fraud is never discovered. Learn how to detect it.

Discover how to make your organisation robust against financial shocks, from cash flow to a stronger balance sheet.

Cyber threats are increasing. Learn how to protect the business.

Large sums of money are at stake. The future of the business could hang on it. How to make sure your projects succeed.

Are people doing what is expected of them? Good corporate governance makes sure you get no unexpected bad news.

Are people doing what is expected of them? Good corporate governance makes sure you get no unexpected bad news.

Risks happen because people do silly things. We examine the various threats that staff cause, from the CEO to the most junior employee.

Bribery and corruption are a big risk where contracts are at stake or where you do business overseas.

How to make sure your organisation chooses the right strategic direction.

What you can do to avoid/manage these risks.

Exposure, Loss given default or recovery, Expected, unexpected loss, and VaR

What you can do to avoid/manage these risks.

  • Earning and retaining trust and the cost of recovering damaged trust.
  • Alternative metrics for measuring reputation risk.
  • Best practices for reporting and mitigating reputation and strategic risk.
  • Effective risk mitigation strategies for protecting and enhancing reputation.
  • Treating reputational risks and managing them in order to prevent damage to value.

Everyone in your organisation ought to be aware of the risks they might create. Learn how to assign roles and responsibilities that meet the needs of your business.

Batch Commencing from 13th July

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