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Investment Management

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The importance of sound financial planning and investment management in helping an individual achieve financial goals cannot be over emphasised. And yet, studies have shown that individuals commit mistakes in choosing their personal investment portfolios. In 2015, the S&P’s Ratings Services Global Financial Literacy Survey found that close to 76% of Indian adults do not adequately understand key financial concepts – lower than the worldwide average of financial literacy.

In India, direct equity investments account for only 2% of household savings, which are dominated by other asset classes such as fixed deposits, gold and real estate. Surprisingly, the number has not changed significantly over the last two decades despite the economy going through structural transformation. Therefore, we developed EPIM to address the lack of financial and investing knowledge and educate the average person about financial markets and investment management.

EPIM offers a practical guide to the world of financial investments. The course empowers you with the diverse skills needed to intelligently manage your investment portfolio and be able to choose the right company, the right fund and the right investment strategy with confidence. The faculty, consisting of academicians and practitioners, have the capability to deliver high-quality and cutting-edge programme to the participants looking for knowledge and skill-sets as a solid foundation.

Program Details
Why is this a competitive course ?

In EPIM, the participant will understand how investment strategies are designed to reach financial goals in a global context. The participant will learn the theory that underlies strong investment decisions, as well as practical, real-world skills that you can apply when discussing investment proposals with their advisor, managing their personal assets or their investment portfolio. The participant will learn how to adequately build and manage a portfolio with a long-term view. The course has multiple industry experts guiding the participants to create a winning portfolio.

This course provides participants with:

  • An understanding of the fundamental concepts of investing
  • The skills required to manage investment portfolios and optimally diversify portfolios.
  • The knowledge to allocate investments into stock portfolios in accordance with a person's risk preferences.
  • The understanding to measure the riskiness of a stock or a portfolio position.
Course Eligibility

The following professionals can take this training:

  • Research / Investment analysts
  • Financial advisors
  • Fund / Wealth managers
  • Private bankers
  • Housewives, students & retired people with basic investment knowledge

Course Methodology:

This online course uses a mix of interactive techniques, such as learning through live webinar sessions, assignments and case study oriented training. This course keeps the participant updated with the latest trends in the stock markets. This course helps the participant identify the world of profits with the help of our weekly expert guidance exclusively from the market specialists.

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Course Structure
Duration : Depends on the following course mode

  • Weekend Batch : 1 year Program | 3 hours Session every Saturday

Course Curriculum
Level I :

  • Understand the Economic Cycle
  • Understand factors affecting the economic cycle
  • Experts Speak: to practically analyse the effect of economic factors on your stock.
  • Analyse the factors affecting the economy
  • Understand the impact of these factors on the stock market
  • Understand the importance of industry analysis while selecting stocks
  • Experts Speak: Practically do industry analysis and choose the sectors for own portfolio
  • Analyse generic and specific factors affecting the Industry
  • Understand sector rotation
  • Understand impact of industry level factors on stocks
  • Identifying companies with sound fundamentals
  • Utilizing analytical tools and identifying undervalued stocks
  • Understanding various analytical factors affecting a company
  • Choosing best companies from a list of peers in the industry
  • Getting hands-on experience of analysing companies using various tools
  • Understand income statement and its components
  • Calculate EBITDA
  • Experts Speak: to practically calculate EBIDTA and working capital
  • Understand balance sheet statement and its components
  • Calculate Working Capital
  • Understand cash flow statement and its components
  • Scan BSE Ideas using screener.in
  • Do Your Own scanning using “www.screener.in”
  • Experts Speak: to practically pick stocks using Fundamental Analysis
  • Warren Buffett theory: His Strategy, famous investments, how to invest like Warren Buffet
  • Peter Lynch: Lynchian Strategy, Famous Investments,
  • Philip Fisher: Learn the fundamentals of Fisher's investing strategy, The Birth of growth Investing, Investing for the Long Haul
  • Experts Speak: to invest like the Greats, advice from the people in business

Level II :

  • Log into Investing.com & Icharts.in and adjust its settings
  • Use “MarketWatch”, open charts, change time frames and zoom charts
  • Open multiple charts + add studies
  • Experts Speak: to trade (invest) in the real market
  • Create and save layouts, trade on the portal
  • Zone analysis
  • Core Strategy-Boring /Exciting technique
  • Experts Speak: to make use of the zone strategies
  • Core Strategy-Trend Analysis
  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis
  • Entry Strategy
  • Experts Speak: following a trend and analyse it for profitable investment
  • ATR - Average True Range
  • Exit Strategies
Batch Commencing from 13th July

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