Executive Program in
Innovation and Design Thinking

Application Open for July 2019 Batch


Highly successful companies, such as Apple, Toyota and others, innovate continuously because of their culture of design thinking—integrating the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success. In this program, you will learn how to take a similar approach in your own business—blending the perspectives of marketing, design and engineering into a systematic approach to delivering innovation.

Executive Program in Innovation and Design Thinking empowers you to become a creative catalyst with a practical approach for generating new ideas and driving innovation. Whether you work in business, healthcare, education, or a non-profit, this hands-on training in the core principles of design thinking and leadership will help you solve your business challenges.

Program Details
Why is this a competitive course ?

There is a growing demand for design thinking professionals across industries. The program will equip you with advanced skills and prepare you for challenges and opportunities in this area. These skills will make you invaluable in your current role and help you enhance your future career prospects. This program will provide participants the tools they need to take a design project from inspiration and insights to ideation and implementation and understand the full scope of organizational innovation and strategy.

This course provides participants with:

  • Understanding and applying a 10-Step Design Process
  • Distinguishing between incremental innovation and radical innovation when creating new solutions
  • Researching and understanding the complex network of stakeholders involved in any project
  • Rapidly creating and refining a vision for any product or service using a 3-phase approach to align technical and non-technical audiences
Course Eligibility

The following professionals can take this training:

  • Design engineers
  • Research engineers
  • Project engineers or managers
  • Product engineers
  • Members of the technical staff
  • Applied scientists
  • Research scientists

Course Methodology:

This online course uses a mix of interactive techniques, such as learning through live webinar sessions, assignments and case study oriented training. This course keeps the participant updated with the latest trends in Innovation and Design Thinking.

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Course Structure
Duration : Depends on the following course mode

  • Weekend Batch : 1 year Program | 3 hours Session every Saturday

Course Curriculum
  • Introduction to Creativity and Closed World Innovation
  • Changing Your Mind-set: An Introduction to Fixedness
  • Tools for Generating Innovative Ideas
  • Researching Creative Ideas to Turn Patterns Into Tools and Using the Function Follows Form Approach
  • Using the Subtraction Template
  • Using the Division Template
  • Using the Multiplication Template
  • Using the Task Unification Template
  • Using the Attribute Dependency Template
  • Strategy is Innovation
  • Strategic Intent and Core Competencies
  • Box 3 Ideation
  • Innovation Execution