Certified Market Analyst

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This course is for technical and market analysts which will open up opportunities in diverse roles in the fields of trading and finance. Master the art of reading and fully understand point and figure, line and candlestick charts from price perspectives past, present and future. Enhance your abilities to predict relationship between these prices and price patterns, as well as trends and what they mean, how to draw trend lines and how to determine if trends will continue or fade.

Certified Market Analyst Program is an 80 hour executive program aiming to develop proficiency in applying more advanced analytical techniques and technical analysis theory. It will involve logical and consistent research opinions, portfolio strategies and trading decisions based on a wide range of charts and technical data. The faculty, consisting of academicians and practitioners, has the capability to deliver high-quality and cutting-edge program to the students looking for knowledge and skill-sets as a solid foundation. The course provides extremely unique opportunity to obtain first-hand knowledge, both theoretical and practical, from BSE Institute.

Program Details
Why is this a competitive course ?

A disciplined, systematic approach to market behavior is provided by technical analysis through the tools to successfully navigate the gap between intrinsic value and market price across all asset classes. This course is the mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management including quantitative approaches to market research and rules-based trading system design.

This course provides participants with:

  • An understanding of the forces working of the markets.
  • Gain exposure to a wide variety of technical tools, allowing them to learn what fits their trading style and temperament.
  • The ability to apply to analyse technical indicator for decision making purpose.
Course Eligibility

The following professionals can take this training:

  • Research / Investment analysts
  • Financial advisors
  • Fund / Wealth managers
  • Private bankers
  • Housewives, students & retired people with basic investment knowledge

Course Methodology:

The course uses a mix of interactive techniques, such as programming through interactive sessions, in-class assignments and hands-on projects. Our learn-by-doing approach is the most effective way to learn to code.

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Course Structure
Duration : Depends on the following course mode

  • Weekend Batch : 9 Month Program | 2 hours weekend session

Course Curriculum

Understand Financial Markets And The Business Cycle- Determine Changes In The Movement Of The Market With Dow Theory- Focus On Typical Parameters For Intermediate Trends- Learn How To Identify Support And Resistance Zones

Learn The Use Of Trendlines’ Tools- Understand The Concepts Of Classic Price Patterns - Smaller Price Patterns- Determine The Influence Of One- And Two-Bar Price Patterns

Learn Moving Averages And Its Types- Significance Of Envelopes And Bollinger Bands- Examine Momentum Principles- Individual Momentum Indicators I- Individual Momentum Indicators II

Learn The Application Of Candlestick Charting- Interpret The Market Trends With The Help Of Point And Figure Charting- Miscellaneous Techniques For Determining Trends- Understand The Concept Of Relative Strength

Learn Price: The Major Averages- Price: Sector Rotation- Time: Analyzing Secular Trends For Stocks, Bonds And Commodities- Time: Cycles And Seasonal Patterns

Practical Identification Of Cycles- Understand Volume Indicators- Determine And Interpret Market Breadth

Gain Insights On Indicator And Relationship That Measures Confidence- Understand The Importance Of Sentiment- Learn Integrating Contrary Opinion And Technical Analysis- Determine Why Interest Rates Affect The Market- Use Technical Analysis To Select Individual Stocks- Concentrate On Technical Analysis Of International Stock Markets- Learn The Application Of Automated Trading Systems- Checkpoints For Identifying Primary Stock Market Peaks And Troughs

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